What Real M.D.’s, PhD’s & Geneticists Say

Bio Viva La Scam ™
The Pseudoscientific Scam To Make You Think You’ll Live Forever.

Sad, naive, “transhuminists,” married to the thought that Bio Viva La Scam ™ will make them what they’ve always dreamed, to live forever will band together to make Bio Viva La Scam ™ a cult. If you challenge them with facts, true diligence backed by actual citations of reality, They will bang on the rah-rahism about how Bio Viva La Scam ™ is the best idea ever, number one, they’re all going to live forever beyond their wildest dreams, but ignore them, it’s Pseudoscientific Quackery.
Dr. Bradley Johnson, Associate Professor of Pathology and Lab Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania said, “Telomere length measurements typically have low precision, with variation in measurements of around 10 percent, which is the reported telomere lengthening apparently experienced by Bio Viva La Scam’s ™ CEO. ,
Altering the genetic makeup of humans, or gene therapy, by lengthening telomeres has been described as dangerous, as the ageing process is poorly understood. The telomeres’ function is to restrict the number of times a cell can divide (thereby multiplying) to suppress cancer.
Duncan Baird, a professor of Cancer and Genetics at Cardiff University’s School of Medicine states, “Meddling with a fundamentally important tumor-suppressive mechanism that has evolved in long-lived species like ours doesn’t strike me as a particularly good idea.”
Timothy Caulfield, professor in the Faculty of Law and the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta, characterized Bio Viva La Scam ™’s as ‘pseudoscience‘ and lacking scientific rigor.
George M Martin, professor of pathology at the University of Washington had agreed to be an adviser to the company but resigned upon hearing about
Bio Viva La Scam’s CEO’s ™ self-experiments.
Antonio Regalado, reporter for the MIT Technology Review states, “The experiment seems likely to be remembered as a new low in medical quackery.
Dr. Lawrence Altman, author of Who Goes First? The Story of Self-Experimentation in Medicine has said, “N’s of 1 have had their value through history, and will. But you’re not going to license a drug based on an N-of-1 Sorry, Bio Viva La Scam ™